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Bellver Castle

Mallorca offers a wide variety of tourist attractions such as Monuments, Natural parks, beautiful Mountains, golden sandy beachesand of course amazing Castles. One of the most ancient and beautiful castles is definitely The Bellver Castle that is a circular castle located on a hill near Palma de Mallorca on the island of Majorca.

Bellver Castle This is a gothic style castle that was built by the king Jaime II de Mallorcain the 14th century. This is placed at a distance of about 3 Km from the city centre, and an altitude of about 112 meters over the sea level. As we said earlier, one of its main features is that this castle has circular shape that makes it one of the rarest in Europe.

This castle was originally built as a military fortress, resisting many sieges during middle ages. Usually, this was also served as the residence of the kings of Mallorca. During the "Germanies" revolt, the Bellver castle served as a refuge for the nobles who escaped from the city after that, this became the temporary residence of viceroys, together with other important monuments such as the Almudaina Palace.

Currently, the Bellver Castle is a historical site open to the public, this castle houses a music festival every year and the City History Museum, which has many beautiful and ancient pieces that come from archaeological excavationsmainly.
  • Timetable for visiting the Bellver Castle
    • Daily: 8 am - 8 pm.
    • Sundays and public holidays: 10 am - 5 pm.

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