Mallorca travel guide


Mallorca Travel Guide

The caves of Drach

Mallorca is definitely one of the most important tourist destinations that Spain has tooffer. Apart from churches, cathedrals and other amazing monuments, Mallorca offer visitors a wide variety of natural attractions such as beaches, mountains, and of course one of the most famous attractions calledthe caves of Drachor the caves of the Dragon.

The caves of Drachare fantastic rock and limestone formations that are visited by thousands of tourists every year. The caves of Drach were first explored by the renowned French geologist Edouard-Alfred Martel who performed scientific exploration and mapped out the entire cave in 1896. It has a 1.5 Km. long in which you will find many mysterious caverns. The caves consist of 12 main areas among which one can find:
  • The black cave.
  • The white cave.
  • The Luis Salvador cave.
  • Diana's Baths.
  • Snow Mountain.

Drach caves
Drach caves
Las cuevas del Drach
Las cuevas del Drach

One of its main features is that there are no guided tours, so you can make your own way to visit it. While you are walking, you will find another amazing natural formation called Lago de Martel,considered one of the largest underground lakes; here you canenjoy a small concert of classic music or ride a boat, definitely an unforgettable experience.

This amazing tourist destination is open all year-around, but the best time to visit the caves of Drach is during summer months. It is not difficult to get there sinceit is located only 1.5 km south of Porto Cristo and close to many other tourist destinations. The caves of Drach is undoubtedly a place you can’t fail to visit.

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