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Monasterio of the Lluc

Spain is a country with a wide variety of traditions and holidays that make this country one of the most important European tourist destinations. Palma de Mallorca is certainly one of the most visited Spanish regions because throughout the city one can find many beautiful buildings that make it worth a visit. Besides, Palma also offers many pleasant places such as beaches to spend the perfect holiday.

One of the most important Palma de Mallorca’s monuments is located in a valley 35 kilometers northeast of Sóller, on the northwestern part of the island; this is called Santuario de Santa María de Lluchor simply The Monasterio de Lluc (Lluc Monastery). This amazing building is located 500 meters above the sea level and it is a very important place for locals, sincemany pilgrims gather here.

Monasterio of Mallorca
Monasterio of Mallorca
Facade of the Monastery Lluc
Facade of the Monastery Lluc

The Lluc Monastery was built in 1250, but over time,it was destroyed several times, until it was finally restored in the 17th century. Before becoming a tourist attraction, this was a place of prayer and silence. This building is composed by many attractions, but the main is definitely “the central Monastery church” where you can find the worldwide famous Madonna figure called “La Moreneta”.

Another important attraction is the boy choir called “Blavets”, this chorus dates back 500 years, making it the second oldest chorus in the world, if you want to attend toone of its concerts, there are two daily presentations. The Lluc Monastery is definitely a place that you must not fail to visit.

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