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Paseo Calvia

Calvi is a beautiful Spanish municipality of the autonomous community of the Balearic Islands. Calvi is located in the western part of Mallorca. This municipality covers an area of approximately 145 Kilometers in which one can find many beautiful attractions and holyday places such as Rei En Jaume, Alimara, Pa en Caritat y Diumenge de l'ngel, which are held throughout the year.

Among their main attractions is the Paseo Calvi, a beautiful pedestrian walkway considered as the citys green lug. The Paseo de Calvi links most of main Calvi attractions along 32 kilometers. Its construction began in 1993 and it finished in 1998, due to its width and breadth, the municipal council decided that is was also suitable for Cyclists.

Paseo Calvia Mallorca
Entramado del Paseo Calvi
Paseo Calvia Mallorca
The Calvi Walk

The Paseo Calvi enjoys different designs that adapt according to the area that they cross. Throughout the Paseo Calvi one will find the typical attractions of a park such as benches, trash cans, a wide variety of plants and birds, trees, playgrounds and of course many monuments.

Among its main monuments we can mention:
  • The monument where Guillermo and Ramon Montcada were buried.
  • The memorial cross where the troops of Jaime I of Aragon landed.

If you want to travel to Calvi, The Paseo Calvi is an attraction that you cannot fail to visit.

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