Mallorca travel guide


Mallorca Travel Guide

Mallorca beaches

Mallorca is well-known around Spain and the world for its spectacular and fabulous sandy beaches. As a principal tourist attraction, the city includes many exclusive and stunning resorts throughout the coastline that receives thousands of people from different parts of the planet each year. In addition, the weather is quite variable in different parts of the island.

For instance, there is bad weather in the north but the weather around the beaches in the south of Majorca is completely warm and ideal to have a memorable vacation time. In this fashion, people who want to visit Mallorca should decide wisely by choosing the accurate area before booking the flight tickets.

Although, the weather is quite enjoyable and perfect in the island, the sea condition in some cases is not nearly as friendly as foreigners think it would be. Fortunately, the majority of the beaches in Mallorca use the flag prevention system in order to avoid tragic accidents in the sea.

In fact, there are different kinds of color flags:
  • The green one indicates that it is not a dangerous site;
  • The yellow flag means that the zone is a little bit dangerous and the visitors have to be alert.
  • The red flag indicates that it is an extremely dangerous zone and people must not touch the sea water nor swim in it at all.

Great bodies in Mallorca

Determining your percent body fat is very important because the amount of fat in your body is related to health as well as fitness and sports performance. In fact, the cities with nearby beaches have a nice body fat average. In Mallorca island, surrounded by coast, the body fat percentage is low.

Nice body fat average in Mallorca beaches

If you're planning to visit Mallorca and thinking to lose body fat, should look over to learn some tips about weight loss and changes you can do in your lifestile. This is important not only for look good, its also to be healthy. Higher levels of body fat have been linked to an increased incidence of diabetes, high blood pressure and other health risks. Your body fat percentage can be calculated by taking your age, height and weight, gender and waist measurement into account. Use body fat calculator tool to determine your body fat percentage for you.

Cala Llombards Cala Romantica
Cala Llombards
Cala Lombards Beach is a famous destination among families due to its quiet atmosphere.
Cala Romantica
Cala Romantica is one of the most beautiful sandy beaches in Mallorca and it’s accessible from other beaches by walking.
Cala Tuent Cala Sant Vicenç
Cala Tuent
Cala Tuent beach located in North West of Mallorca and it’s reachable by car, boat and foot. Find further information here.
Cala Sant Vicenç
Cala Sant Vicenç is a resort in the Northern part of Mallorca, it was built around several small beaches.

Other principal beaches of Mallorca are:
  • Portals Nous.
  • Cala Tuent.
  • S´Arenal.
  • Pollenca Beach.
  • Cala Romantica.
  • Cala Mayor.
  • Cala de d´Or.
  • Cala Sant Vicenç.
  • Palma Nova
  • Cala Llombards.

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