Mallorca travel guide


Mallorca Travel Guide

Mallorca churches

Mallorca holds a number of precious churches that are worth visiting. Among them you can find:
  • Santa Eulalia Church.
  • Mallorca Cathedral (La Seu.)
  • Basilica of Sant Francesc
  • Montesion
  • San Francisco
  • San Miguel
  • Santa Clara.
If you were to choose the most representative church, it could be La Seu. It is a very beautiful church and anyone who visits it could be marveled at the sight of it. It is probably one of the best things that a visitor would include in their list of places to see. The Church of Santa Eulalia, for instance, is of Catalan origin. It was used to hold important events. Another church would be the Montesion Church where you can notice that its principal doorway has a baroque style.

The construction of these churches is too beautiful that you cannot simply miss them; you will also realize that you could take good photographs of these churches. Some churches also hold beautiful art masterpieces that you will contemplate for a long time. You will also realize that some churches have interesting histories that explain how they were constructed and the reasons that drove people to build it.

Cathedral of Mallorca Sant Nicolau Church
Cathedral of Mallorca
Cathedral of Mallorca is the most emblematic building of Christian faith in Mallorca.
Sant Nicolau Church
Sant Nicolau Church is an impressive building from 14th century; this religious construction...
Basilica de Sant Francesc Santa Maria del Camí
Basilica de Sant Francesc
Basilica de Sant Francesc located in a square with the same name, this building was built...
Santa Maria del Cami
Santa Maria del Camí is located in the municipality with the same name in the autonomous community of Islas Baleares.

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