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Mallorca Cathedral

You can find this cathedral once you’ve arrived to Palma. This should probably be one of the most visited churches in Mallorca. This beautiful church was erected in 1230, and it was finished in 1601. It has 121 meters long and 55 meters wide. This church holds nine bells, and one of them is the bell of N’Eloi, that has a diameter of two meters approximately and weighs more than 5,600.

The Cathedral Some people like to listen to legends that explain the construction of a specific site. This church has an interesting one. It is said that James I, who wanted to conquer the Arabs, was stranded in a storm and he did not want to die. He made an oath to God; he promised that he would erect a church dedicated to the Virgin Mary. Once that he came out alive and defeated the Arabs, he ordered the construction of the church. Somehow, the construction of this church over a mosque meant that James I wanted to proclaim that Christianity should be practiced in the entire region. The east end of the cathedral was finished in 1300.

This cathedral has had several reparations and Anthony Gaudí, a famous architect, participated in one of them for a while even though he never completed it. However, he created an enormous chandelier that is put above the principal altar. Gaudi was called by the Bishop of Mallorca to improve the interior of the church. However, as it was said before, Gaudi could not finish his project. The project was assumed by two people who are closely related to his method of work: Joan Rubio and Gillem Reynes.

This cathedral is also called as the Cathedral of Light. For those who do not know, if the sun’s rays go through the rose window of the Cathedral, you will observe how everything is illuminated around the church and how they form something similar to a rainbow. This is truly astonishing. Inside the church there is a big section called Royal Chapel that consists of 25 meters long and 16 meters wide. You can also find the Chapel of the Holy Trinity; that’s where the tombs of King James I and II reside.

If you visit this church, you will realize that this was not a simple work of art. Art does not only relate to sculptures and paintings but also to edifications and buildings. You do not need to take art history or be very well-versed in architecture to realize how beautiful this church is. Also, you will observe beautiful art paintings and items that belong to the Gothic style. Include it in your list of things to do once that you’ve planned to go to Mallorca.

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