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Basilica de Sant Francesc

It was a primary place for the Franciscans to join; it was basically a convent. They also brought tombs from their old convent. Jaime II contributed to its edification (approximately in 1281.) In the Basilica de Sant Francesc, you will find the tomb of Ramon Lull who wrote several textbooks about theology, philosophy and poetry, and he was pretty much immersed in the religious life. He also tried to make its religion reachable to the Arab world.

Sant Francesc - Mallorca The Basilica de Sant Francesc had only one nave of 74 meters long and 17 meters wide. It is been made in a gothic style. You may think that the interior of the church can serve as a complement to the external part of it. Also, there is a beautiful garden of flowers that you will surely appreciate once you decide to visit it.

People say that the actual church does not resemble at all the church that was originally constructed. It is said that the principal façade was struck by a lightning and had to be restored in 1621. It has a beautiful circular window that could be appreciated in its own principal façade. The Basilica de Sant Francesc has seven chapels and each one of them has a different form and style. It has a cloister that holds a trapezoidal form and it is an example of the beauty that this church contains.

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