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Sant Nicolau Church

Sant Nicolau Church has recently gone through an important restoration that will not alter the original structure of the church itself. This church has emerged as one of the many churches that were erected to practice Christianity. However, it was not one of the first churches; rather, it was a separated from the Church of Santa Eulalia. This is because there were many people who were attending the church, and they saw it suitable the construction of another church that could attend better its loyal believers.

Sant Nicolau Church - Mallorca This church wasn’t originally a temple as it would be the case years later. Actually, they constructed a series of small chapels (the first one was the Sant Nicolau Vell.) The king Pedro the Ceremonious approved the purchase of new lands to construct a new temple. To fund it, they obtained a high amount of money that was donated by the believers. The church didn’t hold for too long since the soil wasn’t solid enough to support a building as big as a church.

However, generous people again gave high donatives that helped people to construct it again. This time, not only they constructed it but made several changes that were made by several important figures. These changes did not only consist of changing the façade and any other chapels; they also added other beautiful complements such as a bell tower and a rose window.

An interesting wooden piece is placed in one of its facades and it says that those who salute San Nicolas will have forty days of forgiveness. As you can assume, the church does not have the same architecture that it originally had. The major portal was designed by Francesc Sagrera, and it has a Gothic style, and this church holds valuable pieces that resemble a gothic style. You will find that there is a baroque altarpiece designed by the sculptor Pere Joan Obrador. Take a look at the San Jose altarpiece whose author was Adrià Ferran. The credit is also given to Gregori Herrera who designed the figure of San Jose.

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