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Mallorca Travel Guide

Eating in Mallorca

Spanish cuisine is the most exquisite in the Mediterranean region due to its delicious dishes such as Paella, Gazpacho andaluz, Spanish meatball, Galician style-fish, Spanish lentils and the famous tapas, to mention but a few. Mallorca, Spanish Island, has one of the most representative cuisine styles of Spain.

Mallorca food
Mallorca recipes
Mallorca recipes
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Mallorca gastronomy is plenty of traditional and tasty dishes that visitors can try around the island. For instance, the powerful Mallorca is the most famous dish in the island. In order to explain more about the typical dishes in Mallorca, here we listed the most important dishes:
  • Trempó
    This special dish is basically a salad. It is actually the main dish for summer season. Its main ingredients are: olive, tomato, red pepper, vinegar, onion and salt. Trempo is a healthy food that helps the body keeps in shape.

  • Tumbet
    It is another favorite meal during the summer. Essential ingredients for preparation are sliced potatoes, peppers and aubergine and tomato sauce.

  • Pa am Oli
    This dish literally means in English “bread with oil”. Basically it is like a sandwich, because its principal ingredients are a sliced bread, olive oil, salt, squeezed tomato, meat, sausage meat or cheese. Another sauce that is usually included in the bread is the alioli. Majorcan alioli is similar to mayonnaise (see nutrients in mayonnaise) but more dense and very tasty garlic base.

  • Porcella (pork)
    Porcella is an old dish in Mallorca. Almost the majority of restaurants offer it in their menu. The principal ingredient is the tender pork.

  • Paella
    Although Paella is originally from Valencia, there is a dish similar to it called arròs sec that means (Dry rice). Most people say that this dish is better than Paella from Valencia. It is made of sea food, vegetables and meat.
As a Mediterranean area, Mallorca includes a wide variety of sea food in its gastronomy. Visitors can try wonderful seafood dishes in the island. We strongly recommend you to try the Peix al Forn (baked fish). Foreigners can order this dish in all restaurants in Mallorca.

In Mallorca large part of their daily diets that consist of fish and seafood. This food have high amounts of protein and little carbs. Protein is used to make tissues, energy, hormones, antibodies and enzymes as well as to regulate cell division. Check this Protein foods section If you want to know about PROCNT health benefits.

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