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La Feria de Abril

Feria de Abril” or April fair, is a celebration in the island of Mallorca; it began in 1990 and was proposed by “La casa de Andalucía” together with the Palma City Council that it were like the one in Seville. The fair was originally conceived to create a festivity in Palme that gathered people from Andalucía.

April fair became popular in no time, and now is celebrated every year. The fair consists in different tents of different types, each and every one has music, offers tapas, different dishes and an environment where people can meet each other. But fun is not only inside the tents; there are also live performances of different things outside, such as: musical acting, dance classes, horseback riding, etc.

The fair generally starts the night of April 28 and lasts until May 8. That day tents open at 21 hr and close at 2in the morning. The following days tents are open from 10 and close at 2 hr. The day of closure the tents will open normally and close at 24h.

It is a wonderful celebration, you must not miss it.

Feria de Abril
Feria de Abril

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