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Mallorca Travel Guide

Festivals in Mallorca

Mallorca is one of the most visited places by tourist and locals. It is actually, an exotic island in the Mediterranean area with interesting features that attract a large number of tourists from different parts of the planet each year.

Mallorca is a complete touristic city, because there visitors can find several good restaurants, exclusive resorts, luxurious hotels, sandy beaches and museums. Likewise this island is famous for its many colorful festivals which are held in the principal towns of Mallorca all the year round.

Festivals in Mallorca have a unique Mediterranean touch because most of them take place in the sea. Folklore is the main element in its music, customs, and colors. The principal figures during the celebrations are the “cossiers”, “gegants” (gigantes) and bagpipers from Mallorca called “xeremiers”.

Festival of Mallorca
Mallorca festivals

Mallorca has festivals and celebrations each month. For instance, there is the Sant Antoni Abad festival celebrated on January 16th. In fact San Antoni Abad is the most popular saint patron of animals in this island. Although this festival has a religious sense, the dimonis (devils) are the principal attraction. There Visitors can find several local people jumping, dancing and characterizing dimonis (devils). Add to this, foreigners can try delicious Mallorca Sausages and meat.

February is another special month in the island for festivals. Visitors who are planning taking a trip to Mallorca in this month are going to find the San Sebastian Festival (January 19th) and the Sa Rua Festival that is celebrated in the entire region. The Festival of San Sebastian includes concerts, bonfires and different cultural shows. On the other hand, the Sa Rua Festival is a carnival parade.

On May, people from Mallorca celebrate the reenactment of the fight between the Moors and local inhabitants. This celebrations takes place in the city of Soller and it is celebrated on the second week of May. Each 23rd of June, local people purify their houses with rituals as part of the San Juan Eve celebration. This short festivity gives visitors a special night full of color, bonfires, food and folk music.

On October, there is a festival which is the favorite among Mallorca Males. We are talking about the Revetla de las Verges (Festivals of the Virgins), it is held on 20th October exactly. The Beata Festival celebrated in November is a very important festival in the island as well.

Finally we have to mention the l’Estendard´s festival which remembers locals the conquest of Palma de Mallorca by the powerful King Jaume.

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