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La Fiesta del Estandarte

Although December 31 is not a holiday in Spain, it is in Mallorca. Thistown celebrate “La fiesta Del Estandarte” to commemorate the end of the Muslim government inthe city. People of Mallorca celebrate that the troops of King Jaume I defeated the Saracen army on the island. The festivity is one of the oldest on Europe.

It begins at the Plaza de Cort in Palma, where the ceremony of collocation of the heraldic bannerby King Jaume I is reenacted. After the collocation, a big procession parades with music to the cathedral, aftermass people return to the square and pull down the heraldic pennant todismiss the guard of honor.

To complete the celebration the poem “La Colcada,” written by Pedro Alcántara Peña y Nicolau, is read;in addition, the “Escuela Municipal de Musica y Danza” performs several typical dances.

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