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Las fiestas de Pollenca

On August 2 two festivities are commemorated, the celebration of Mare de Dudels ngel(patroness of Pollea),and the defeat of the ottomans pirates of Dragutby the Christians.

The festivity begins with a popular party at night known as Verbena, after it finishes the next day at 5 am with musicians performing La Alborada. The celebration continues with a mass in honor of Mare de Du dels ngels at 11 am, there is also a dance performance by the Cossiers, a group of traditional dances of Mallorca.

The fun begins in the afternoon and takes place in l'Almoina square, in which the Christian leader Joan Mas and Dragut met the first time. The battle begins at 7 pm after Mas implores to the virgin: Mare de Dudels ngel sassistiu-mos que els pirates jasnaqui! (Mother of the angels helps us because the pirates are here).

The battle is performed throughout the whole town, and there are some important places, such as: Can Nogus, where l'Ajuntament Vella joins the battle representing the old government in the University of Mallorca; Sant Jordi Church, where the Christian army frees prisoners that were captive; and the old soccer field, where the last battle is performed.

At the culmination of the day and with the victory of the Christians, Joan Mas takes the corsair flag and carries it to the monastery, the Tedumis sungto commemorate the victory with fireworks and the anthem of the villa.

Fiestas de la Patrona de Pollena
Fiestas de la Patrona de Pollena
Festival de Pollena
Festival de Pollena

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