Mallorca travel guide


Mallorca Travel Guide

Getting Around Mallorca

When you arrive to Mallorca, there are several ways of transportation that you can use to visit the town,some peculiar and other traditional, but all they are a way to know the amazing island of Mallorca. If you are an explorer and have a sense of adventure, we recommend you the peculiar ones; but if you are a traditional person and want your visiting pretty quiet the better way for you to visit the city are the traditional ones.

You can explore the beaches of Mallorca by boat, since Mallorca has lots and lots of beaches there several boat services like boat tours and taxi-boats. There are also services which organized tour services in boat.

Bus and Tram: It is a traditional way of visiting the island, all the routes are connected to Palma and if you are planning to visit the island this way, the buses depart from the bus station (Carrer d’Eusebi Estada) or near it.

Motorcycle and Car: When you are in Mallorca there are several options of transportation and perhaps the most common is to hire a car and even a motorcycle. There are several vehicle-hire agencies, and you can found them in Palma airport.

Train: Another option to travel thru Mallorca is by train. There are two lines that run in Mallorca: one is Palma–Sóller railway that runs to the north of the island from Palma, it is also one of the most popular excursions of the city. The other railway runs thru the island to Sa Pobla via the town of Inca, also there is a secondary route that links Inca with Menacor.

Taxi: It is an expensive way to know the city; but if you’re interested, you can find taxis on the street.

Balloon: This is the most peculiar way to know the city; you must climb into the basket of an air balloon to see the city in a formidable way. The tour that use four to five hours normally, can last from 30 to 60 minutes in this way.

Helicopters: Perhaps the most expensive way to know the city but the experience worth all costs, the tour last from 30 to 60 minutes and if you want to learn how to fly a helicopters there are lessons available too.

Getting Around Mallorca
Around Mallorca
To trip to Mallorca
To trip to Mallorca

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