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De Güell a Lluc a Pie

"Marcha De Güell a Lluc" is a popular march in Mallorca, celebrated every first Saturday of each year. The march started a long time ago on a 27 of July, when a group of friends decided to visit the monastery of LLuc from the nowadays non-existent bar Güell to thank the virgin of the monastery for saving the life of a child. Around thirtypeople begun the march from the Güell square to the Lluc monastery.

Five years later, the same amount of people assisted to the march until a private advertisement promoted the event successfully, more or less 50000 people assisted to the march the next year.

The march begins the 7th of July at 11 pm from the Güell square. The march is 48 km long; it can last about seven or eight hours depending on the person physical condition. Half of the road is plain and the other half is ascendant, many people cannot reach the monastery (800 a.t.s.l), some of them are injured on the way and returned to Palma in ambulance mainly because of bad physical conditions, others choose to return in particular car or taxis.

Nowadays the "Marcha des Güell a Lluch" is popular not only in Mallorca but in other countries, if you assist to the march you will see people from different nationalities. Theroute consists of: Palma de Mallorca - Marratxí - Santa María del Camino - Consell - Binisalem - Lloseta - Selva - Caimari - Escorca(Lluch).

Des Guel a Lluc
Des Guel a Lluc
Marcha del Güell a Lluc
Marcha del Güell a Lluc

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