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Mallorca Travel Guide

History of Mallorca

History of Mallorca was peculiar, Mallorca has gone through several invasions. Mallorca has a rich and strong historical background. It initially had contact with Carthage and Rome. Later, it started to become part of the Byzantine Empire, where it became independent for quite a while. The Romans had to put up a fight for a long time before they could finally conquer Mallorca. It is said that under the Romans, Mallorca’s economy and agriculture had revitalized.

Mallorca history Mallorca was later conquered by the Vandals, in 425. All remains of Christian buildings were demolished, but they were constructed again once that Mallorca passed to be under of the control of the Byzantines. However, Mallorca was not going to stay under their control for too long. The Moors started attacking the island until they dominated it entirely. The Moors contributed enormously to the agriculture of the land. Mallorca’s food and architecture were highly influenced by the Moors.

The land was later conquered by Jaime I of Aragon. It was fairly quickly. Christianity came back as a religion under his reign. There was a point in time where there was a territorial dispute in Mallorca because the Crown of Aragon also wanted to dominate Mallorca. At that time, the Crown of Aragon was a thalassocracy; meaning, it had a control over the oceans. Then the Crown of Aragon was united with the Crown of Castilla, and as a result, Ferdinand II of Aragon and Isabella I de Castile married. They established the Spanish Inquisition that sought Jews and Muslims to convert them into Catholics.

Castell de Bellver After the Spanish War of Succession, Mallorca belonged to Balears and they say themselves in a situation where they had to attack the pirates because Mallorca was being squandered by them. Refugees who sought security because of the Napoleonic Wars altered Mallorca’s economy a little. Also, around that time, Mallorca had to deal with famines and droughts because that slowed trade which caused a less influx of money, and increased levels of malnutrition among the people in Mallorca.

You may realize that there is an unsettled conflict in relation to language. Francisco Franco, a dictator from Spain prohibited people to speak Mallorquin and had to speak Catalan instead. This prohibition is no longer in effect, but you can still notice that there are people who only who speak Mallorquin and those who speak Catalan. Nowadays, Mallorca is visited for thousands of tourists, and thanks to this, the economy has increased. Mallorca, as matter of fact, is one of the richest Spanish regions.

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