Mallorca travel guide


Mallorca Travel Guide

How to get to Mallorca

When you are traveling to any city in the world you must investigate about the ways of getting there, and if you decide to travel to Mallorca you must compare among the ways of traveling. There are two ways to get to Mallorca, and any visitor must know the difference between them.

Traveling by plane. - Because of the touristic boom of Mallorca, many airlines offer direct flights to Mallorca, mainly from the United Kingdom, Germany and Ireland. The international airport of Mallorca is called Son Sant Joan and it is located 8 km far from Palma, the capital of Mallorca.

By Ferry to Mallorca
By Ferry to Mallorca
By Air to Mallorca
By Air to Mallorca

The trip from the United Kingdom takes almost 2 hours and 15 minutes. The cost of the ticket depends on the season, it is high when summer and low in other not popular seasons. Remember that if you take a fly with connections via Barcelona, It could take around four hours.

Traveling by sea. – traveling by sea is another way to get to Mallorca; there are different routes to get to Mallorca; one is the ferry that comes from Barcelona and take almost seven hours, the second one is the ferry that comes from Baleariana in seven hours and other that comes from Denia in five hours. There is also a high speed catamaran that does the route in 3 h 45 min.

The arrival ports can be Palma and Alcudia, which have arrivals and departures all day in different hours. Remember that the most important is to enjoy the city and its beautiful landscapes.

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