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Mallorca Travel Guide

Museums in Mallorca

Museums in Mallorca the cultural of the city, Mallorca is well known for having the most exuberant and exotic beaches in the Mediterranean area. However, the city is more than an exotic island and sandy beaches. There are several big museums and art galleries located in Palma city where foreigners can discover and learn, at the same time, the huge historical background of this Balearic heritage.

Probably the most important museum in the city is the Mallorca city Museum; this important cultural center is situated near the Mallorca Cathedral and is considered as the best in this city, because of the valuable items that it holds. The Mallorca Museum was opened in 1968 and since then, the museum has been evolving and getting bigger. It is actually housed in an ancient residence called the Palau Ayamans.

The perfect sites to find and see the best Spanish contemporary art is the Palma's Museu d'Art Espanyol Contemporani and the Museu Krekovic with special ethnographic stuff that has been found in Palma. In addition, the Museu Municipal de Pollenca (the Municipal Museum) is an interesting place to learn about Catalan treasures and histories.

Definetely a museum is the best place to know how to type mallorcan terms and symbols.

  • Mallorca Museum (Carrer de sa Portella 5, Palma de Mallorca)
    Phone 34 971 717 540

  • Museum of Contemporary Spanish Art (Sant Miquel 11, Mallorca)
    Phone 34 971 713 515

  • Krekovic Museum (Ciutat de Queretaro 3, Mallorca)
    Phone 34 971 249 409

  • Museu Municipal de Pollenca (Guillem Cifre, Pollenca, Mallorca)
    Phone 34 971 531 166

The House of Katmandu The Museum of Pottery The Museum Diocesa
The House of Katmandu
The House of Katmandu is museum house consisted in a virtual reality, a place full of mysteries and legends.
Pottery Museum
The Museum of Pottery is a beautiful exposition of traditional Mallorca clay pieces made by hand and conserved until nowadays.
The Museum Diocesa
The Museum Diocesa boasts only religious art that includes one of the most important collections of the Church on Mallorca.

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