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The House of Katmandu

The Magalluf and Palma Nova are two of the most visited resorts in the south-west part of Mallorca city. The Magalluf is a perfect place to have a memorable vacation time. Although it seems an exotic site that is exclusive for young people, there are several interesting activities to do for people of all ages. In fact, there is a famous place that is considered as one of the most favorite spots in Magalluf for old and young people. We are talking about the House of Katmandu.

Katmandu - Mallorca The house of Kadmandu is an amazing mansion that has a Tibetan style and it includes legends, mysteries and plenty of amusing games with special interactive effects, fantastic illusions and the best robotics technology.

This entertaining house gives visitors the opportunity to travel across time and to expand their imagination into a wonderful world full of adventures, action, intriguing sights, hard challenges extraordinary treasures and much more.

People who have the chance to experience the House of Katmandu will be amazed by all the mythical stories, secrets and the virtual reality world of Kilgore Goode. Visitors can enter into many rooms of the mansion in order to unveil many mysteries around Kilgore Goode. In addition, foreigners can enjoy the most impressive shows in the Timbuktu bar.

Definitely, this is 4D experience will definitely be an unforgettable and remarkable trip for you and your family.

Here you can get the exact location of The House of Katmandu

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