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The Museum Diocesa

The museum of Diocesa is possibly the most ancient and important historical construction in Palma de Mallorca. It is strategically located behind the principal cathedral of the city. In fact, the museum is housed in the old former Bishop’s fortress building. This representative structure was inaugurated in the year 1916. However, this Episcopal Palace was reopened in recent times.

The museum Diocesa As an important museum in Mallorca, visitors can find a larger number of priceless stuff such as paintings, pulpits, religious books, fine ceramics and well preserved Arab tapestries.

Nevertheless, the main sections of the museum are the pottery collections that date back from the 14th and 18th centuries, the panel painting with illustrations of Christ’s and St Paul lives and the magnificent art works of Pere Nisart (XV century) and Antoni Guadi.

The majority of findings, items and master pieces that people can see in the museum now, proceed from donations of monasteries, convents and churches that are located around the zone.

Note: The museum is available for visitors on Monday through to Saturday (10:00 AM to 2: 00 PM.) The museum fee is 3 Euros.

Passeig de Dalt Murada
07001 Palma, Spain
Phone: 971 723 860

Here you can get the exact location of The museum of Diocesa

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