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Palma Aquarium

Palma offers a wide variety of natural attractions, throughout the city you can find many monuments, parks, beaches, restaurants, Clubs and of course One of the most important sites, The Palma Aquarium. This amazing building is one of Palma’s most prized attractions, justentering transports you into a different world.

If you love the sea, this is the perfect place for you; The Palma Aquarium provides some of the most beautiful underwater worldviews. Coral World, a renowned company that made many similar works around the world, designed it, recreating habitats and ecosystems of the world beneath the seas and oceans successfully.

Palma Aquarium - Mallorca
Aquariums & Sea Life Centers
Palma Aquarium - Spain
Image of Palma Aquarium

It is located at Playa de Palma where you will find a large variety of animals such as Sharks, Turtles, rays, pufferfishes, octopus and many other types of fishes. This aquarium is composed by 24 tanks that recreate different environments. One of the main attractions is undoubtedly the “PanthalazaRetaurant,” a restaurant where you can enjoy a great dinner looking at the breathtaking sights of the aquarium.

To complete your visit to this amazing place, you must visit the “Big Blue,” the largest place that houses more than 20 types of fishes and other marine species. If you are looking for a nice place in Mallorca, the Palma aquarium is definitely the best place to spend a good time with your friends and family.

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