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Mallorca Travel Guide

Safari Zoo

Safari Zoo - Mallorca Over time, Mallorca has become in one of the most important Spanish tourist destination. Throughout Mallorca, you will find many monuments, castles, churches, cathedrals and the best Water parks, aquariums of Europe; one of the most important among these isthe Safari Zoo, where you can find a large variety of exotic animals from all over the world.

Safari Zoo is a beautiful attraction and one of the largest in its kind, it houses many species from America, Europe, Africa, Asia, and of course Australia. This park allowsyou to interact with monkeys, ponies, goats,ostriches, among others. One of its most interesting features is that youare allowed to drive around the circuit in your own car, or taking the zoo's own mini train.

In addition, this park also offers many places such as a restaurant and several great playgrounds for children. Safari Zoo is a place that you can visit at any time of the year, but we recommend you visit it during the summer months, because the weather is ideal and you can enjoy other Mallorca attractions.

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