Mallorca travel guide


Mallorca Travel Guide

Interesting places in Mallorca

Mallorca is a stunning and paradisiacal place in the Mediterranean area; it is known for its rich culture and history. In addition, Mallorca includes many impressive natural treasures such as sandy beaches with warm water, historical caves and hidden coves to discover.

Visitors can enjoy the magnificent ancient constructions and learn more about old Mallorca in several museums that are found in the city center. Furthermore, the night life in the city is one of the best after Ibiza and Barcelona. It is a city full of pretty Spanish and foreign people, good music and exquisite drinks.

If foreign people want to relax in Mallorca’s spectacular beaches, visit the historical city center or travel around the villages and natural areas, they will be amazed at its splendor. Mallorca is very modern and it is always reinventing itself in order to attract more tourists each year.

That is why that the city is considered the Madonna of the tourism in the world. Nowadays, there are several good cities with exclusive hotels, restaurants, sculpture gardens, art galleries and much more.

There are attractive places that foreigners have to visit. Among these places figure: the Arab Baths, the Royal Palace of the Almudaina, the Far de Porto Pí, the Coves de Campanet, the Porto Cristo and the Jardins de Alfabia to mention just a few.

Arab Baths Far de Porto Pí Royal Palace of La Almudaina
Arab Baths
The Arab Baths are located in Palma de Mallorca, at an ancient building that is still intact, full of quiet and peace.
Far de Porto Pí
Far de Porto Pí is one of the oldest lighthouses in Europe; this museum (third oldest museum in Europe)...
Royal Palace of La Almudaina
The Royal Palace of La Almudaina is a fortified palace in Palma next to the cathedral

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