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Arab Baths

Mallorca is an important island in the Balearic group and it has a huge cultural and historical background. It was founded by the Muslim culture. As a big example we can mention The Arab Baths.

This ancient construction represented one important relic of the Muslim culture in the city and it has currently become one of the most favorite landmarks in Mallorca for many local and foreign people.

Arab Baths Mallorca There were five Arab buildings located in different parts of Mallorca. Unfortunately, there is only one well-preserved Arab Bathroom that foreigners can visit and see nowadays. It is situated in the Gardens of Can Fontirroig (Can Serra Street 7). Many Mallorca historians believe that the constructions were built in the XI century approximately.

The Arab Baths in Mallorca includes 12 columns that hold up the big copula. Visitors can find a large square room which was the hot baths room. One of the most visible characteristic of the Arab baths is the different architecture styles designed in only one building.

Even though the cold bath room no longer exists, the building does not lose its beauty and splendor. Historians think that the baths were an official part of the Moslem Palace. During the X century, Palma de Mallorca was refounded by the Muslim people. Palma de Mallorca, named at that time as Madina Mayurga, incorporated a complex hydraulic system into the city.

Arab Baths (Banys ņrabs)

Can Serra, 7 Palma
Fee: 2 Euros
General Schedule: 9:30 AM to 8:00 PM
Phone: 971721549

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