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Mallorca Travel Guide

Far de Porto P?

Far de Porto P. Since ancient times, the city of Mallorca has been a big reference to cultures and traditions due to its strategic location in the Mediterranean region. In this fashion, the Island now holds a rich cultural and historical heritage with singular features that converts the city into one of the hot spots to visit in Spain. In addition, the city of Mallorca includes a large number of old and ancient constructions that represents important relics in the city now. For example, we can mention the Far de Porto Pi.

Far de Porto P, Mallorca The Far de Porto Pi is one of the most important constructions in Mallorca because it is actually the third oldest well-preserved and functioning lighthouse in the planet. The first part of the lighthouse was constructed in 1290; initially it was not built as a lighthouse but as a Watch Tower. It then became in a powerful lighthouse in 1693.

This historical monument of Mallorca is situated in the naval area of the principal port of the city. The tower is perfectly divided into three important sections with three galleries and a big lantern. Despite the huge historical importance and cultural legacy that it provides, some people wanted to destroy the lighthouse in 1950 to modernize the port. However, the current government changed its mind and decided to preserve the building. In 1983, the lighthouse was declared a historic landmark.

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