Mallorca travel guide


Mallorca Travel Guide

Plazas of Mallorca

The Plazas of Mallorca are one of the most popular touristic attractions. The people of Mallorca have worked very hard to conserve their plazas. Most plazas were built in the late 19th century; they have a Renaissance style, although recent modifications have modified their original design. Some plazas have a green area where travelers can rest for a while, unless it is forbidden. Other plazas usually have a water fountain or other details.

Nowadays, the Plazas of Mallorca are the main scenery for singers, actors and other artists. They often perform a sample of their art for tourists. Most tourists gather around them to enjoy dancing and listening to music. Other tourists prefer enjoy the wonderful landscapes around the Plazas of Mallorca. There are more than 30 plazas around Mallorca and each one has its own attractions. No trip will be complete, if one doesn’t visit the beautiful plazas of Mallorca.

Plaza Gomila Plaza de España
Plaza Gomila
It is located between Plaza of San Francisco and Plaza Nueva and it shows the Renaissance developed in 16th century.
Plaza de España
It is one of the main attractions in Mallorca; it houses lots of statues and it’s said that resembles the real Pontius Pilates home.

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