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Plaza Gomila

The Plaza Gomila is located in “El Terreno” neighborhood. It is near the harbor and the promenade, across the avenue Joan Miró. Its history goes back to the 19th century, when the Gomila family built a summer house. The Gomila family decided to give a small place to build a park for local children and this place was called “Sa Placeta”. Late, the Gomila family moved to Santiago de Cuba, so its home became a party salon called “Tito’s”. This space soon was forgotten by locals and it became the Plaza Gomila early the 20th century.

Plaza Gomila - Mallorca Tourists congregate in and around Plaza Gomila to have a good time. There are many restaurants, cafeterias and shops around this plaza. However, Plaza Gomila is popular among tourists to host the most fantastic night clubs, bars and pubs. Tourists will find a wide range of interesting places to listen to music, drink something or dance.

Plaza Gomila is currently the center of Palma nightlife. This plaza has had different phases before occupying an important social position. During the 60’s, 70’s and 80’s, the Plaza Gomila was the place of residence and leisure of the jet set of Mallorca; but in the early 90’s, it had a great decline. Nowadays, the Plaza Gomila has regained its glory.

If you want to live a great experience in the best night clubs of Mallorca, the Plaza Gomila is a good option.

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