Mallorca travel guide


Mallorca Travel Guide

Public Transports in Mallorca

Public Transportation of Mallorca is under rapid improvement, it consist basically on buses. Palma buses work at its best, and you can reach almost every place by taking 1 or 2 buses; the bus service in Palma is not bad and they like any other bus services in Spain have some rules about the people that enter to the bus, for example: people are not allowed to enter to the bus if they are not well dressed, or without t-shirt or shirt, or eating or smoking.

Transportation to other parts of the city is different since the service is not all day and there are few busses to get to the principal parts of the island; be careful to not lose your bus, since you are going to wait until the next day to take another one that is why checking the time table is important in order to be on time.

The busses on Palma have its itinerary schedule in Plaza España, check it and decide where you are going to go and the time.

By train Around Mallorca
By train Around Mallorca
Public transport Mallorca
Public transport Mallorca

There is also another public service such as Train service; both, bus and train services are public and offer a good quality service. One departs from Palma and goes to the north of the island; the other also departs from Palma and goes to Inca la Puebla.

It is a good idea to consider that openhoursare until 12:00 am and some days until 01:00 am, so they won’t be open if you go to a party or a meeting. Taxi can be a good option in these cases because they are the only service; although they are expensive they’ll be your only way to get home.

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