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Mallorca Travel Guide

Mallorca Recipes

Mallorca cuisine is Mediterranean and a large population of Spain enjoys it. The cuisine of this town is not only served in houses but in the traditional local restaurants known as “Celler”, since the locals of these traditional restaurants were once used for wine production.

Recipes of Mallorca offer a large variety of dishes for everyone’s taste, from soups, roast meats, Mediterranean meals, and bakery, to sausages and cheese. Mallorca Recipes not only express the feeling of the people of this island, it expresses the combination of cultures this area has hosted in different times during the regimens established here.

Fideos con Raya Ensaimada de Mallorca Coquerrois
Fideos con Raya
Fideos con Raya, Mallorca cuisine is very tasty; it’s because of the variety of the products used most of them are from the island.
Ensaimada de Mallorca
Ensaimada de Mallorca is a delicious sweet dish and typical dessert of Mallorca, find detailed information for prepare one at home.
The coquerrois is a kind of vegetarian pie, which recipe was known even since medieval ages.
Pan Moreno
Pan Moreno
The pan Moreno recipe gives you a detailed explanation on how to prepare the pan Moreno, bread made of wheat and was the only bread prepared in Mallorca.

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