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La Fiesta de San Antonio Abad

The celebration of “Fiesta de San Antonio Abad y los Demonios” is an important festivity in the “Part Forana” of Mallorca, which means that this festivity is celebrated in the entire island except for Palma;the celebration marks the winter solstice.

The celebration begins with a bonfire in almost all the streets of Mallorca on the afternoon of January 16th. This marks the beginning of the celebration of “Fiesta de San Antonio Abad,” a well-known saint whose festivity also coincides with an old fertility ritual.

The celebration starts with the representation of San Antonio’s temptation during his journey on the desert because of the demons. The night of the celebration, people eat different barbecues and traditional mealsin Sobrassada Street. In addition, demons dance around the bonfire while people sing popular poems of the saint.

Animals are blessed and floats representing traditional scenes of Mallorca parade on January 17th. The most popular celebrations of Mallorca are the following: Sa Pobla, Arta, Muro and Menacor.

San Antoni Festival
the San Antoni Festival
San Antonio Abad
San Antonio Abad

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