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Mallorca Travel Guide

Sports in Mallorca

Spain has conquered the world winning and hosting several sports tournaments such as the FIFA World Cup in South Africa (2010), the Basketball international Championship in 2009, the Summer International Olympic games in 1992, etc. Moreover important aquatic sports tournaments were held in Mallorca Island.

Sport Mallorca Mallorca is an exotic and paradisiacal site visited by many locals and tourists all year round. This exclusive resort located in Spain is the perfect place to practice water sports such as sailing, windsurfing, fishing, swimming, bathing, diving, snorkeling among others. And is that a good Mediterranean diet says that part of a balanced diet, you should play sports at least 3 times per week to maintain a good body mass index. Calculate BMI often may have benefits for your health.

Sailing is quite popular in this Island; that is why many sailing tournaments are held there such as the Trofeo Princesa Sofia and the Copa Del Rey tournament. These sporting events attract thousands of tourists who usually rent boats for a short period, hours or weeks.

On the other hand windsurfing is a sport discipline which is arising widespread interest from tourists and locals, because it is pretty easy to practice and is not extreme. In fact, Mallorca is actually the perfect place to learn the basic techniques of this sport because of its perfect weather conditions. In addition, there are schools providing long and short lessons of windsurfing.

Sport Mallorca Thanks to its Mediterranean climate, Mallorca has a rich sea plenty of fishes which make this Island a good place to go fishing. As we can see, fishing sport is another favorite activity in the zone. People interested in practicing this sport in Mallorca can find several fishing trips organized by travel agencies in Mallorca.

Furthermore it has crystalline, clear and clean beaches which make Mallorca a perfect place to practice snorkeling and scuba diving. That is why many people who love sea life find this island interesting. Moreover, tourists can also take scuba diving and snorkeling lessons at affordable prices.

Finally, we strongly recommend Mallorca as a perfect place to visit and practice some water sports such as paragliding, water-skiing, speedboats, sea-kayaking and water bikes.

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