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The Three Kings

The “three Kings” is a traditional celebration in the island of Mallorca and all of Spain; it is celebrated during the night of epiphany with the parade of the three kings. In this Christian celebration the three wise men play out their journey to find baby Jesus. The parade starts on the evening of January 5.

The biggest parade celebrated in Mallorca is the one in Palma; it begins at 6 pm starting from the old port of La Llonja on the promenade Sagrera and ends at Plaza Cort around 9 pm. Traditionally the crowd receives candy during the parade.

Each one of the three kings marches with his respective royal pages, musicians and dancers, a special train delivers small gifts. On January 6 children receive their gifts, as a result there is a float that acts as Santa Claus during the parade where children have their last chance to send their letters.

Recently, the parade has been arranged so that ill children, pregnant women and older people are able to sit on comfortable spaces that set for the occasion. The Three Kings is also celebrated in other towns of Mallorca for example: Arta, Alcudia, Felanitx, Capdepera, Campanet, Sa Pobla, Ariany.

Kings in Palma
Kings in Palma
Annual Three Kings Carnival
Annual Three Kings Carnival

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