Mallorca travel guide


Mallorca Travel Guide

When to go Mallorca

If you are interested in visiting Mallorca, there is a necessary question, when is the best time to visit Mallorca? The only person that should decide that is you, so take a look at the description of every season of the year to decide better.

Spring: This is a great season to visit the natural reservoirs of Mallorca, since the temperature of the city is not very hot but mild you can enjoy a quiet walk on the beach. You can also celebrate Easter in Mallorca where people of the island have a particular and original way to celebrate it. This time of the year is perfect for people that want to walk in the city, do bird watching and enjoy a quiet town, since it is crowded in other seasons.

Summer: It is the most popular time of the year to visit Mallorca; sun lovers visit the island to enjoy the popular beaches and more than 12 hours of sun a day. Most of the visitors practice water sports that are common in this time of the year; also some water competitions are organized in the island.

Fall: It is definitely the time of the year for people that enjoy walking or doing eco tourism, it is recommended that you visit towns located in the sierra of Mallorca, where people celebrate some regional parties that you will enjoy; some of the most popular are: “Fiesta de la Oliva en Caimari” and “la Feria Agrícola en Inca”.

Winter: this season is not pretty busy but restaurants and malls are the most visited places in Mallorca. San Sebastian is the most important celebration in January and also the most important in Palma de Mallorca; it is celebrated with barbeques and music on the streets.

Many foreigners come to live in Mallorca. Families with children who are attracted by the climate or a good labor supply. It is therefore important the children education. It's no different than learning a new language and multiple studies have proven that children learn and retain new languages much easier than adults do. Teaching children how to properly touch type -using games like this- may be the most important skill you can give them to help them gain success in the work place.

The Tower of Porto Pí
The Tower of Porto Pí
A gateway to Mallorca
A gateway to Mallorca

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